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Posted By admin on 04/04/13 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise


What is it about tranny porn that makes guys get so fucking horny? I grew up with a guy named Daniel that ended up becoming a tranny before our 20 year class reunion. He showed up as Danielle. Everybody wanted to know who the hot babe was.

Before the night was over he/she danced with just about every guy there. Nobody could put their finger on it. Then it hit me. Daniel never showed up to any of the reunions. He was so ass-backwards in school. Danielle was Daniel!

Instead of getting grossed out by it all I thought it was pretty cool. Not only that. I wanted to dig deeper into this whole thing. So after the reunion ended I invited Danielle up to my suite for some drinks. After some fooling around we had the most awesome sex I had ever had. She knew exactly how to blow me!

After having fucked my fare share of pussies in my life I have to say, her ass was fucking tight!

Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Keep an open mind and see if this bareback tranny porn makes your cock harder than usual.

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Posted By admin on 03/03/13 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise


A first for us here at Tranny Surprise. This is a shemale on shemale movie from The site has hundreds of movies in dozens of niches with more and more shemale movies being added each week.

The Faplot porn videos can be viewed without any kind of membership. You can be completely anonymous so your wife doesn’t find out about the nasty habit you have of enjoying movies featuring chicks with dicks!

Your secret is safe with them, but by joining for free you can also tag your favorites so you don’t have to search through the thousands of videos on the site all over again.

Make sure to bookmark the site because their new videos come in almost daily. One day nothing and the next there might be ten to twenty new ones.

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Posted By admin on 02/27/13 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise


Her family has finally gotten used to calling her Dyanna. A few years ago they used to call her Duke. She still likes the name Duke. It is just that now she prefers for her boyfriends to have that name. She doesn’t answer to it anymore.

Dyanna is an sexy tranny. She loves lace. She always has. When she was just a boy she would dress up in her mother’s lingerie when her parents were out on the town. As her sister got older she enjoyed putting on her g-string panties and admiring how she looked in the mirror.

After years of trying to keep her obsession with all things female confined to a cross-dressers lifestyle Dyanna couldn’t take it anymore. She made up her mind to stop kidding herself and others around her when it came to her sexual orientation. She liked the boys and she liked to pretend she was a girl. It was only natural for her to take things to the next level.

Check her out in an OnAir Cams live free webcam show. Watch as she tempts and teases showing off all of the things she learned while watching her sisters friends. Make tonight an interesting one with a tranny experience.

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Posted By admin on 12/22/12 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise
xadzmE0SdI nSQZHvPQaS

I just found one of the craziest sites I have ever seen on the Internet. It is called Babe or Fake. You try to decide if the "girls" pictured were born females or surgically enhanced later in life. Some of them are impossible to figure out!

This site is perfect for passing time with some buddies. Find out which among your friends can tell the difference between hot babes and sexy shemales.

You can take the quiz on up to 200 different models. Your score might surprise you in the beginning as some of the tranny girls look like fuckable babes. But then I guess that all depends on what hole you like to penetrate a girl in?

Don’t be the only one at the office who hasn’t played the game. You know how that goes. The one who isn’t playing is the one with a secret crush on a tranny!

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Posted By admin on 12/03/12 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise

Tranny Fucks Girl

This is so fucking awesome. I am not gay in any way shape or form. I like women. So watching porn where a tranny fucks a girl, as opposed to a tranny fucking a man, is a bit more up my alley. No pun intended.

If you have a curious bone in your body about trannies I highly recommend Tranny Fucks Girl. You can indulge your curiosity about trannies and enjoy some hot babe pussy at the same time!

The site is like a one-stop-shop for all things tranny. Bookmark and enjoy links to tranny fucking girls clips and webcam shows about the same. One word of caution though… Once you start enjoying watching trannies fucking hot girls you are going to get hooked. You can’t watch this kind of porn once!

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Posted By admin on 10/22/12 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise

SMxLive - HUGEcumEXPLODER30cm's Profile

When you are participating in a shemale web cam chat session the last thing you want is a surprise. doesn’t have any surprises. You can join for free with no worry about crazy hidden charges showing up on your credit card statement.

SMxLive is partnered with the largest shemale web cam provider in the world. You get direct control of your private shows and members receive unlimited free video chat time. If you find a tranny you are really interested in you can even enter her into your favorites. That way you can find her quickly when you come back for more sticky cum blasting fun!

I’d love to tell you more about the site, but it is time for me to enjoy a show with the one and only HUGEcumEXPLODER30cm. She cums so hard it has no problem firing out of her mesh panties.

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None of my friends will talk openly about shemales, but I am sure they feel the same way about them as I do. I guess they are currently under the don’t ask, don’t tell policy!

I won’t bang just any shemale. I’m not gay! So I want her to look like a girl in every way… I also want her to have a package down there she can put in my ass.

I’ve been finding shemale hookup buddies and I’m sharing the link to them with you so you can enjoy some shemale action without setting off a four alarm fire. Nobody needs to know about our obsession. Unless you want them to!

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Posted By admin on 09/21/12 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise


I just stumbled on to a great site for finding the hottest shemale porn sites. The beauty of it is that they have user reviews to so you can see what real people are saying about the sites before you make your selection.

With you can also view hot shemale porn videos for free. Yes, I did say free. As in no credit cards, no charges, nada!

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Posted By admin on 09/13/12 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise


Jenny is probably the live model with the biggest/longest tongue we’ve ever see online. We’ve been reviewing and listing thousands of free live sex performers on this website but none was having such a huge tongue. The good news is that she loves using that massive thing to please guys… online.

All you have to do is visit her video chat room and you’ll see it with your own eyes. Many of the dudes who watched her performing reported that she’s most likely one of the best live cam blowjob performers at this moment. So if you’re a fan of naughty chicks who enjoy sucking peckers on webcam you’ll want to check out Jenny’s private virtual nest.

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Posted By admin on 08/18/12 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise


This weeks Tranny Surprise episode had a very convincing girl named Sabrina Xavier. She was so convincing in fact that Vini was to hot and heated to stop once her cock popped out of her panties!


Vini’s mom will tell you that her son has never been one to shy away from tackling a problem head on. Although, I don’t think this was the kind of head she was referring to!


Tranny girls have one rule that they live by. You must give to receive. She told Vini to go ahead and suck her tranny cock just how he liked it himself. Then she was going to work his glands in ways he only dreamed of.



Once Vini nutted in her ass he figured that was the end of it. Wrong, Vini!


Sabrina was just getting started! She flopped Vini over on his stomach and crammed his ass full of her tranny cock. Vini had never taken a cock in his ass before and was surprised to find it comforting. Maybe he was bisexual? Maybe it was her shemale prick ticking his insides?

Find out at Tranny Surprise!

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Posted By admin on 07/24/12 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise


Everybody in high school new that Blanca wasn’t normal. Even she did. Well, he did. You see, when Blanca was in high school her name was Billy and she was a he… and he liked to wear dresses and high heels and feather boas.

As he got older and bolder he took the plunge and decided to get some boobs and take some hormones that made him feel like he was supposed to feel… because this home-boy was a home-girl inside!

Now she is having a good old time with the boys. The kind of time she used to only dream of having. Sometimes the guys don’t even know she is a tranny!

But that is how it goes at Tranny Surprise. Guys find hot babes at the beach, in night clubs and other places trannies like to hang out at and find out the babe isn’t a babe at all!

Some get pissed and walk out, but some have an open mind and know that nobody can suck a cock like another guy can!

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Posted By admin on 05/23/12 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise

Holy shit what a fucked up name for such a hot tranny! Drikinha Lima has some great curves. This guy had no idea he was going to be sucking cock that night. He actually thought he’d be licking pussy!

Luckily for Drikinha she went down on this dude first. He enjoyed his blowjob and he actually spent some time during it thinking she gave head so good he’d swear she had received it at some point in time.

Well, he was right!

And now it was his turn to blow her tranny cock!

Was it the booze? Was it getting lost in the moment? Or did he always wonder about what it would be like to blow another guy off, but didn’t want to deal with the whole gay thing?

Does blowing a tranny make you gay?

Find out at Tranny Surprise. The girls tuck their tranny cocks and pick up on guys in bars. Watch as they make curious guys into full blown tranny fuckers!

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Posted By admin on 05/23/12 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise


Talk about a deer caught in headlights! This guy has no idea the headlights on this girl aren’t real! Not only that, she isn’t even a girl!

Tranny Surprise finds hot trannies in Brazil and pairs them up with guys that think they can tell the difference. Once they receive a blowjob from a "girl" that knows exactly how a guy likes a blowjob, the guys say, "Fuck it!" Literally!


Seriously though… Who would turn down this piece of ass? I know a lot of guys that would take this cutie to the car and get a quick blowjob without realizing she was jacking herself off the entire time!


No pussy? No problem! Her ass is as tight as ever!


Get your own password and enjoy a wild evening of carnal sex!

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Posted By admin on 05/23/12 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise

I can’t say that every episode at Tranny Surprise is this fucking hot, but watching two hot trannies going down on each other is pretty insane!

After getting one another harder than a rock the shemales take turns popping each others anal cherry. Well, okay… So they aren’t anal virgins. A boy can dream right?

Get in on the train before this thing jumps the tracks!

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Posted By admin on 04/19/12 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise


Vini was strolling the strip in Brazil and popped into a club filled with wall-to-wall trannies. He had no idea he was going to get his asshole popped before the night was through!

After meeting several "chicks" at the bar Vini had it eye on Priscila. She was a cute straw-berry blonde tranny hot enough to make The Donald hard!

Vini couldn’t wait to bang this "broad" and got her to blow him in a bathroom stall before security put a stop to the fun. It was time to take this babe home and bang her right!

Once there Vini got another blowjob and he was pretty sure this chick was a chick… Wrong! Her donger popped out of her tight pants and Vini couldn’t believe it.

Priscila put her tight little ass up in the air and Vini couldn’t stop himself. He was already sexed up and needed some satisfaction. So what if he dick was bigger than his?

Tranny Surprise is open 24/7/365. Plenty of guys come in with curiosity and leave knowing tranny sex is just that. Sex!

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