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Posted By admin on 02/19/14 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise


Some guys were meant to be girls. You can see it with this tranny I found on the web. Look at her tits, her thighs, her arms, everything about her looks very feminine. Nothing like you would expect on a guy. Just about the only thing that sets her apart from other women is that cock. What a bulbous head it has!

Now lets thing about something. Why is the head of this girls cock so fucking big? Probably because it was supposed to be a powerful clit. Somewhere along the lines of development inside her mom’s uterus she sprouted a cock and nuts instead of what she was supposed to have.

She wasn’t porn a stud like Allan Henning was. She was born a tranny right from the beginning. Most transsexuals are born with both parts, but the doctors decide which one to make the baby right away. Then fill in the birth certificate as one sex or the other. When they get it wrong you have trannies and butch dykes.

OK, that is way too simplified of an explanation because there are plenty of individuals where this isn’t the case. It does point out that there is something fundamentally wrong with our healthcare system though.

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