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Posted By Admin on 08/20/22 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise

Sex dolls are a simulation of adult sex toys that can replace real people to meet sexual needs, and this product is designed for adult use. For people who use premium TPE sex dolls for the first time, they do not know much about them. Today, we’ll give you an overview of what you need to pay attention to and how to use it.

Adult sex dolls precautions

1, First of all, realistic life size sex dolls is design for adults, whether to buy, or use, be careful not to show in front of minors.

2, Product hygiene issues. Regular brands of sex dolls use healthy and safe materials, like premium TPE sex doll, in the process of use will not produce damage to the human body, but even so, we must pay attention to the maintenance of product hygiene.

3, Sex doll head. Usually can not be purchased separately, but you can visit uxdoll to buy a sex doll head separately, and it only charge 200 USD.

How to use adult sex dolls?

1, Unpack the box.

2, Give the sex doll a bath. After the bath, powder the sex doll’s entire body. Only ordinary talcum powder is needed. The purpose of the toner is to take away the grease while de-oiling and to remove the dust from your muscular sex doll. After that, then rinse, oil, powder, keep the body dry and clean can be.

3, After the sex doll cleaning is complete, now everything is ready, condoms, apply the right amount of lubricant, choose your favorite way to enjoy the wonderful time with your fantastic smiling sex doll.

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Posted By Admin on 08/14/22 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise

If you’re ready for a good time, these live sex tranny cams are what you need to get you what you crave. I love watching these beautiful babes strip down and show off their hot bodies. Some have their tiny natural tits, but most seem to have wonderfully enhanced breasts. They often have gorgeous feminine features and you would never know that they had a cock if they weren’t so eager to show it to you.

One thing that I truly like about shemales is that they can relate to me more than most cis women. They seem to be able to connect to men on a deeper level. These babes truly know what it takes to please a man. They understand what makes us tick. And best of all, they use that knowledge to expose your deepest fantasies and bring them to life. Chatting with them is taking an erotic journey into your own fantasies and exploring them in ways you didn’t think would be possible. Live cams allow that to happen every time the desire arises!

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