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Are you tired of shelling out your paycheck on tranny sex cams? I have a solution for you and it is going to save you mad money. I took this screen shot in a free show. I didn’t have to pay a dime. I swear young people are stupid. They will get so worked up with hormones when it comes to sex and then blow any chance of making any money. But hey, their loss is your gain!


Seriously though… They are giving away the milk for free!

So as I was saying. You can watch tranny cams for free, but there might not always be a couple doing this at all times. So… what do you do when that happens?

At CamTub.com you can watch gold shows. These shows allow you to share the bill with others. It is kind of cool because you get a $250 show for only $5 or so. Sure there are others in the room with you making requests of the couple and the squeaky wheel gets the grease…


These two need a manager. Somebody to keep them on track. He shouldn’t be piping her ass in a free show. LOL

Anyway… So people that tip more are more likely to get their requests filled.

Have some fun with live sex chat on Cam Tub tonight and say goodbye to boring prerecorded videos!

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Tranny girls need love too

Transsexual girls are the best. You truly get the best of both worlds. A totally nubile body with perky new tits and you get to play with something you are already familiar with. No matter how much my friends try to pretend they are gagging on the idea of being with a transvestite I have to laugh. I see them giving the girl a second or a third look. I know they are interested. We all are!

Only one site out there tells it like it is. They have dozens of full length porn reviews on tranny sites where everyone else glosses over them. You can tell their competition is scared. Not only of the chicks with dicks, but the fact that somebody else out there has an open mind.

Don’t put up with sissy reviews. Get truthful porn site reviews from a source that isn’t afraid of a little cockery. You deserve the best, so take it – like a man!

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xWetDreams2nytx live sex cam tranny model

Do you have a fetish your friends don’t under-stand? Would it surprise you if I told you more of your friends understand your fetish than you would think?

I run hundreds of blogs and put polls on them asking different questions all of the time. Recently asked how many of my readers enjoyed looking at tranny porn and to my surprise 28% of men were at least casual viewers of shemale oriented porn sites.

Out of those there were 10% that considered themselves to be fully immersed into the fetish. That means one out of every ten people you know are hardcore shemale fans. Plus, one out of every four dabble in it!

Is that a lot more than you expected? It shouldn’t be. Shemales, trannies, transgenders, whatever you want to call them, have come a long way since the 90’s. Now they use hormone therapy and whatnot to look every bit as sexy as their female counterparts.

Do you think any guy in his right mind would pass up on xWetDreams2nytx above if he was to meet her in a club? Hell no! It wouldn’t be until he gets her home that he would find out she is a he. And then it would be too late!

When a guy is drunk and horny things happen. Crazy things. Things he wouldn’t normally do get done. Like fucking a tranny girl. Or getting fucked by one!

So don’t beat yourself up over how different you feel from everyone else. You aren’t that much different than a quarter of your friends. The only real difference is that you aren’t afraid to pursue your dreams.

Cure your cravings for tranny babes on live sex cam with LiveSexCamsXXX.com!

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This here is Iya and she hails from Perth, Western Australia. She is one heck of a cute T-girl isn’t she?  You can date this ladyboy playmate at your own discretion through the Perth website.

You can view an unlimited number of escort profiles without ever having to pay a dime. Both the information about the escorts and the contact information is completely free to you. What is the catch? There is none. All they ask is that you inform your choice of escort that you found them on Tranny Surprise!

There has never been an easier way to privately view the profiles of hundreds of transgender escorts in Australia. The next time you find yourself in the land down under how about you check out what Iya has waiting for you underneath her skirt?!?!

All of the information can be sorted for easier viewing. You can sort on many different categories like price per hour, location, age and more. Use the largest database ever assembled of Australian escorts and babes the next time you are in the mood to groove!

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