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Posted By admin on 08/18/12 - Bookmark Tranny Surprise


This weeks Tranny Surprise episode had a very convincing girl named Sabrina Xavier. She was so convincing in fact that Vini was to hot and heated to stop once her cock popped out of her panties!


Vini’s mom will tell you that her son has never been one to shy away from tackling a problem head on. Although, I don’t think this was the kind of head she was referring to!


Tranny girls have one rule that they live by. You must give to receive. She told Vini to go ahead and suck her tranny cock just how he liked it himself. Then she was going to work his glands in ways he only dreamed of.



Once Vini nutted in her ass he figured that was the end of it. Wrong, Vini!


Sabrina was just getting started! She flopped Vini over on his stomach and crammed his ass full of her tranny cock. Vini had never taken a cock in his ass before and was surprised to find it comforting. Maybe he was bisexual? Maybe it was her shemale prick ticking his insides?

Find out at Tranny Surprise!

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